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(as of April 1, 2008)

Business Customers
If you make money from your computer, home office, etc. You are a considered a business customer. This includes non-profits and for-profits. Same Day (emergency) Service is billed same-day at $240.00 /hr. Next Day (scheduled) Service $120.00 /hr. Phone Support is $4.00/min billed in 15-minute increments and payable via credit card only. On-site calls have a minimum of 1 hour. Hours are billed in whole-hour increments.

Residential Customers
This would be your home computer, laptop, etc. that does not directly impact your business, finances or otherwise. Same Day (emergency) Service is billed same-day at $120.00 /hr. Next Day (scheduled) Service $95.00 /hr billed in whole-hour increments. Phone Support is $4.00/min billed in 15-minute increments and payable via credit card only.

Shop Service

If you bring your computer or electronics into our Minneapolis Shop during a scheduled visit, our hourly shop rate is $60.00/hr, billed in whole-hour increments. If your system is brought into our shop for diagnostics or any other hourly charge, this is the default rate for off-site hourly repair.

Flat Rate Services

If you believe you just need a quick Flat-Rate Virus / Spy ware Scan we do that in 24-hours for a flat-rate of $95.00. Just what it says. This is an alternative to our full Operating system re-install for clients who wish to pay less or are less infected. This cures many systems; not all. If your system is infected with a Trojan Virus, then consider skipping this service and heading straight for the Flat-Rate OS Reinstall (below). Ask a Fast Computer Service Company representative about which service would be best for you.

When hourly service is too expensive or would cost too much to repair, A Flat-Rate Operating System Reinstall is needed for some systems that need to be "wiped clean" or "started over." Flat-Rate Operating system re-install $230.00 (three business day turnaround.) A loner computer is available at your request. We take full responsibility for your data; the data that makes your computer unique to you. We back up your documents, application data, Documents and Settings and other files. (A full copy of the system files is created and archived for six weeks.) Data transferred is billed at $1.00 per GB of data transferred. We virus scan and spy ware scan backed up data and we get to keep virus infected files. Data is loaded back onto clean re-installed system. We also will install and update any number of applications that are sent with the system for $10.00 per additional application. We also will, at your request, install common internet applications such as Java, Adobe Flash Player, Macromedia Shockwave Player, iTunes, Quicktime, FireFox, and the like. We can make recommendations for good antivirus products for your system. We cannot rescue applications with the Flat-Rate Operating System Reinstall service; you need to send any disks that your computer uses with the system for application reinstallation.

System is picked up professionally and delivered by Fast Computer Service Company Technician next day (or three day turnaround for Flat-Rate OS Reinstalls during business week) the same time as the pick up; let us know if you want it earlier or later. Free 10 minutes to plug in system and customize to your needs.

Discounts and Trade Time
While we are not actively pursuing trade time, those companies who can trade time with our shop receive a 20% discount on an hour-for-hour trade where you are accountable for all taxes on service and parts. If you are a business subscriber to Metrofreenet, our Internet Service Company, you can request a 10% discount off all regular service prices. Finally, hourly service can be pre-paid at a 20% discount when purchased in 10-hour blocks. The 10-hour blocks of time expire 1 year after purchase date.

Your Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. While your data is archived for six weeks in our bank-vault in Saint Anthony, MN, we do not prod, poke, or otherwise look at your personal files. Your personal files and affects are yours and yours alone. We keep safe and secure your computer, electronics and data at all times during our relationship.

Payment Terms
We accept most major credit cards, cash and check at time of service. If you are a business client, our terms are Net-15 from invoice date. A finance charge of 19% APR will be assessed for late payments.

We guarantee that our repair and workmanship will be free from defects. This said, what applications and other power fluxing happen after your system is out of our care are partially up to you to keep healthy and in good working order. We guarantee the specific work (not overall workability of system, or fitness for a particular purpose) for 90 days for shop computer service, 30 days for on site service, and 5 days for remote (phone support) service. If there is a defect with our work, we will be happy to re-perform the same exact service (free of error) at no cost to you.

Fixing computers fast with personal service is our business.

Legal Agreement

I agree that the work order describes, in entirety, the work to be performed today. I agree on the hourly charges as described on the Fast Computer Service Co. website at www.fastcomputerserviceco.com. I agree to pay or purchase any items needed (network cables, equipment, etc.) for today's repair.

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I agree that the hours and text above are accurate, reasonable and a fair assessment of work performed. I agree to provide prompt payment to Fast Computer Service Co. according to the terms described on the www.fastcomputerserviceco.com website.

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